Official Treasure Geocoin Sets

Designed by Master Geocoin Designer Chris Mackey

These Official Treasure Geocoins were lovingly designed by world-renowned geocoin designer Chris Mackey with input from the film director to symbolize themes from the film: Friendship, Gratitude, Charity, Renewal, Redemption, and Growth.

They are called “Sherpa Geocoins” because the large coin in each set can hold the smaller geocoin inserts representing themes from the film in it’s back. They are held in by a magnet and there is an offset to easily get them out. Check out the photo to the right.

The front is a compass with TREASURE written across west to east and with six small symbols corresponding to the symbols on the six inserts in the N, NE, NW, S, SE, and SW positions. The large main geocoins have a tracking code on the edge and a profile icon for those that discover them!

Each set: $49 + s/h
(7 coins per set – only $7 per coin!)

Antique Bronze with Antique Silver Inserts

This popular set is on backorder. Estimated time of arrival about 4-6 weeks.

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Blue Enamel and Shiny Silver with Shiny Silver Inserts
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Antique Red Enamel and Shiny Gold with Shiny Gold Inserts
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Bright Red Enamel and Antique Copper with Antique Copper Inserts
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Set of 7 Acrylic Geocoin Display Stands

These acrylic stands are the perfect way to display these beautiful geocoins.

Set of 7 acrylic coin stands:




Insert Coin Symbolism:

Ancient Indo-China Symbol: It is surrounded by clasped hands as a universal symbol of ‘Gracious Thanks’ and the Zibu Angelic language symbol of ‘Gratitude’.

The Tree of Life: Probably the oldest recorded symbol of ‘Growth and Change in a Positive Direction.’ It is surrounded by Greek Lambda and Adinkran symbol of Mmere Dane, both symbols of ‘Change Over Time,’ ‘Fluidness,’ and ‘Life’s Dynamics.’

Celtic Symbol: From the Celt people of Northern Europe from shortly after the caveman days. It’s survived to this tiem and still used regularly to symbolize ‘Friendship.’ It’s surrounded by the ancient African and North/Central American symbols of ‘Joining of People for Common Benefit,’ ‘Friendship,’ and ‘Companionship.’

Double Oroborus: A symbol of ‘Returning to the Starting Point’ and ‘Beginning Again.’ Surrounded by ancient symbols of ‘Reconciliation’ and ‘Returning to Origin.’

Water: Redemption symbolized by water as a symbol of ‘Self-Purification’ surrounded by lotus blossoms as ancient symbols of ‘Rebirth,’ ‘Purity,’ and ‘Spiritual Enlightenment.’

Hands Clasped in the Shape of a Heart: Symbolizing ‘Charity’ surrounded by signs of ‘Heartfeltness’ and ‘Giving.’

Add a copy of Treasure on Blu-Ray or DVD.

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Treasure Geocoin Set Credits:

Concept: Chris Williamson

Designer: Chris Mackey

Producer: Jesse Tuttle, AKG

Photography by Chris Williamson