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What geocachers are saying about Treasure:

“A QUALITY Geocaching Film” – The Geocaching Vlogger

“Enjoyed it!” -Moun10Bike

“Had fun spotting trackables during the screening!” -MissJen

“A must-see for every Geocacher” – Gary Slinkard, Geocache Talk

“Great movie!” -Memfis Mafia, Geocache Talk

“Two thumbs up!” –Dale Swinehart, Space Coast Geocaching

“Amazing!” -SoDakZak

“Awesome movie, this is what geocaching is all about!” -Dodie Chandler

“Incredible movie. It was great!” -Millasmommies12

“What a wonderful movie.” -QRPnut

“Fantastic movie! Loved it. Heartwarming!” -mrscantuland

“It was amazing!” -Scott Griffin

“A feel-good movie!” -TXCinnamonGirl

“TFTMovie!” -Thavia

“I love that there were trackables in it to discover!” -Sassy Bandit

“Enjoyed the movie!” -Sweet Tides Crew

“Awesome Awesome Job! This was Great!” -tuba_dude

“Enjoyed the movie!” -FluffyStuff74

“Enjoyed it!” -SKnight579

“Thanks for a great movie!” -coon&bud

“I really enjoyed it!” -DireWolf821

“I’m getting another thumb surgically added so I can give the movie three thumbs up.” – Electric Water Boy

“We really enjoyed it!” -mcjsz

“Very enlightening and enjoyable film. LOVE this movie!” -3 Williams Kidz

“This movie is so fun! We thoroughly enjoyed searching for the trackables. Great job!”-CailleyTrevor

“Really enjoying this movie and the treasure hunt!” -caver53

“This has been an awesome movie, thanks for making it 😉 -CatCachn

“This movie is amazing. Thanks for such an enjoyable and relatable film.” -Beth1150

“Great movie. Not cheesy. Great story line with a nice mix of geocaching.” -Kneel More

“It was the best movie I’ve seen in years. I cried and I laughed. I loved it. Thank you so much for all your hard work it’s an amazing film!!!!!-Beth

“Enjoyed the movie – thank you!” -royalsfan

“What a fun way to discover some trackables!! Thank you for sharing!! -Nicoole

“Thanks for the GREAT geocaching Movie!” -Semmels123

“Great little flick!” -MsJules

“Awesome movie, we really enjoyed it!” -Sandra Tanguay

“Watched it twice so far!” -Steve Wilcox

“GREAT MOVIE!” Greg Collinsworth

“Thanks for a great movie!” Seemyshell

“I’ve watched it three times. Definitely a good movie even if you are not a geocacher!” -Neil Moore

“Awesome movie! -santclaus

“Love it!” -chasingadventures

“Just finished watching the movie. Loved it!” -coastblue

“Thanks for a great geocaching movie!” -24hawki

“I’ve already cried and laughed alot. Love love love it!” -J_mannell

“Loved it!” -The Hancock Clan

“Well done film!” -skibum1

“Had fun watching the movie!” -jediretz

“Great movie.” -AKiteFlier

“Great movie – thank you for the laughter and tears!” -1more2find

“Enjoyed the movie very much” -Steelers Chic

“Enjoyed watching Treasure!” wolfspirit55

“Thanks for the enjoyable movie!” -gary_green

“Worth the price!” -strek2

“Awesome! You should make a second movie! ;-)” -A_Hesselberg

“Watching the movie right now and loving it!” -FlagMan

“So much fun!” -Antihiro

“Congratulations on the film, great movie!” -clatmandu

“Love the movie!” -bigjim60

“Thanks for a great movie with a message.” SEEK84

“Neat movie!” -Hobo Slinky

“Great movie!” -d4wmike

“Loved the movie and finding the trackables! The movie was great, nicely done.” -ParisAm21J

“Thank you for a very nice movie. Hopefully this will be the start of a new movie genre in Hollywood.” -BAWags75

“Enjoyed the movie!” -TxNerdHerd

“Awesome! The movie was good!” -DaSportsBabe

“Great job on the movie. Thanks so much!” -agentbigd

“The show has a good feel to it. Thanks for making this movie!” -Pip-Boy3000

“Awesome movie!!!!!” -Fuller.House

“Loved this movie!” DiverRN

“Thanks for a great movie!” -markayla

“I really enjoyed it, thanks!” -markens

“Great geocaching movie!” -txtumbleweeds

“Loved the movie!” -CachenClara & LadyGrace331

“We watched it tonight and we both enjoyed it!” -Eric and Virginia

“Thanks for this nice film!” -Olefant in Denmark

“Nice work!” -Hendeher

“Great Film!” -geoArvesen

“Nice Movie!” -pija

“It was an amazing movie that I enjoyed watching!”

“Thanks for a very interesting film, very nice work!” -oz9els

“Nice Movie!” -Geoborderne

“Thanks for the nice film!” -Olefant

“Thanks for the film!” -dahliajytte

“Thnx for the movie!” -Bechterew

“Touching Film!” -pli

“Thank you for a good film about our nice hobby!” -L8hougs

“Great to see a movie where geocaching plays a major role in the story!” -Knymann

“A fine movie!” -Lilla22

“Saw the film again. Greetings from Denmark!” -OZ2CPU

“Thanks for the nice film!” -Olefant

“Absolutely great movie, very well done!” -Steve H

“Regards from Norway…lovely movie!” -Norwegians4ok

“Hoping for a film number two!” -D_Leslie_A

“Great movie!” -Team Bardini

“Thanks to the filmmakers for making the movie!” -Paulzapp

“Great movie!” -& Staff

“Fun movie!” -Murr Dog

“We thoroughly enjoyed Treasure! Your film definitely deserves being seen on a wide scale! It has a great message!” -blackdogsMT

“Awesome movie!” -Leavens87

“Good movie!” -Gary Man

“The filmmakers would appreciate the wonderful reaction at our screening. Loved the transformation of the main character. Had a great time.” -Data Wrangler

“Good movie!” -cdough32

“I’m glad to have seen this movie! Had a good time watching the film!” -p10trk

“Enjoyed the movie! Loved it!” -TallyGirls

“What fun!” -Shayla S

“Great movie! Loved it!” -CTPartto

“Tell your geofriends to get the movie!” -A Team Vallejo

“Enjoyed the movie!” -Godzilla!

“The first time I’ve watched a movie when it was appropriate to applaud!” -WRITE SHOP ROBERT

“A great piece of cinema! It’s nice to see a geo-themed film that is so well-produced! Glad we bought two copies!” -MikeAndJuli

“Great movie, and lots of fun to see geocaching play a role!” -fobofobic

“Enjoyed the show and storyline immensely!” -mikeri

“Great movie! Very cool idea to have TB to discover in the movie!” -VinnySol

“That’s a first – I’ve never discovered a trackable by watching a movie before!” -fastflyer

“Enjoyed the movie, thx!” -Pix_Z

“Awesome movie! Usually anything with geocaching in it is lame, but this was high quality and very well done!” -hikacher

“Wow! Really cool movie!” -A Team

“Great geocaching movie! Nice touch with the trackables to discover throughout the movie!” -froggerhop

“Awesome movie!” -triplewisdom

“Thanks for this great movie!” -oboegary & delaware hiker

“Enjoyed the movie! Thanks!” -kiddieland

“Thanks for a great movie! WELL DONE!” -SouthernGrits

“It’s worth watching a second time!” -georick402

“Great movie with a positive and powerful message!” -m4fun

“Wow! What a nice movie!” -TreamMoehrke

“Wonderful movie! Nice to see an important message balanced with geocaching!” -PQCaching

“We all watched, cried, and laughed at some point in the geo-movie Treasure!” -kawikaturn

“A surprisingly enjoyable movie with a meaningful story!” -oesteado

“We enjoyed the movie!” -loookin4u

“Everyone in attendance thoroughly enjoyed your unique movie!” -WanderTrek

“We laughed and cried!” -ReneeCache

“Watched several times! It is still as good as it was the first time!” -Reart

“Woohoo! Loved watching Treasure…for the second time!” -K8Ydd

“Awesome movie!” -wild ponies

“Great film!” -riker24

“I really enjoyed the movie!” -Tealby

“Loved the movie and loved being able to find trackables!” -ffmfmartin

“The movie was well done, and love the way geocaching is depicted!” -Merlin1392

“Greetings from Switzerland! Thanks for a nice movie!” -sbeelis

“Nice movie! Great fun!” -Elmbaek

“Thanks for a great film! Greetings from Denmark!” -OZ2CPU

“Enjoyed watching the movie, and the extra scenes were funny too!” -Deut31-8 (from Germany)

“Great movie!” -K8Ydd

“Great movie with an important message!” -anestejoh (from Norway)

“It was great!” -Just Madison

“Enjoyed the movie!” -bedstefader skjule

“I really enjoyed this movie!” -EagleScout1968

“Thanks for sharing the trackable and making the movie just that much more entertaining and fun to watch!!!” -Robin_1

“Enjoyed the movie AGAIN! Well done!” -Winstonsdad

“This movie is so much more than expected. Excellent!” -Team Shiba Inu

“Delightful movie! Thanks for a great film!” -Velosaurus

“Hot damn, this is the funnest movie for cachers!” -skramble

“Third time watching!” -IN_Darel