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Sometimes you don’t know what you’re looking for until you find it




Two years after her mom died of cancer, aimless twenty-something Erica and her workaholic father Ethan are in a rut. They barely speak anymore.When Erica gets into trouble with the law she’s assigned to do community service at Angela’s soup kitchen.

There she meets Ryan, a volunteer. He shows her the ropes of the soup kitchen and introduces her to the wonders of geocaching. Through new friendships, struggle, betrayal, and the willingness to try new things and make a difference in the world, Erica just might be able to find the meaning of life!




Project Information

Treasure is a feature length family-oriented coming of age comedy-drama. Shooting will take place in and around Orlando, FL during May and June of 2014.

Our hope is to create a film that will capture the wonder, beauty, difficulty, and inspiration found in life and nature. We grow through interaction with others and daring to explore new experiences and places.

Making Treasure happen will be a story unto itself and you can be a part of it!

We’re planning a crowdfunding campaign next spring so that we can get our audience involved in getting the movie made. We’re already pretty lucky to have access to really nice professional cameras and equipment but it’s nice to be able to feed the cast and crew, get permits, and create the perfect setting for every shot in the film too!

We invite you to be a part of this experience. ‘Like’ our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, and tell your friends about it so they can get involved too. We promise to keep you in the loop by making regular updates. We’re already busy working on interviews with cast and crew




About Geocaching

Although Treasure is about much more than Geocaching, it certainly plays an important role in the film.

What is Geocaching? It’s a game where people hide a log book and other items inside of a weatherproof container somewhere and upload the GPS (Global Positioning System) coordinates to a database on the Internet. Other players can then download the coordinates and use their own GPS-enabled device or smartphone to locate the ‘hidden treasure’.

Geocaching is played by millions of people worldwide and there are currently over 2.2 million geocaches hidden around the globe. Chances are there’s one not far from where you’re reading this!




Chris Williamson, Writer/Director

Treasure is Chris’ 3rd feature-length film and 1st narrative feature. He has produced, shot, directed, and edited almost every type of video you can make including corporate work, documentaries, music videos, short films, reality television, live events, and more.

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Chelsie Holler, Producer

Chelsie Holler is a filmmaker in the BFA film program at the University of Central Florida. She has always been interested in the medium of storytelling since she was little.  In the past she put on neighborhood plays, now she is focusing on directing and producing and hopes to go to law school for entertainment law. Chelsie has produced, written, directed, edited, and even acted in several short films. Her film crew won Best Drama for Mr. Carter in the largest student film festival in the United States.

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Marco DiGeorge, Casting Director

From a young age, artwork ranging from music to film to comics have always had a tremendous impact on me. I would connect with a song or a character so deeply that it altered my perception, which in some cases, ultimately changed the course of my life.

When I decided to join the acting (and filmmaking) world, my main motivation was to be able to create art that would touch someone’s life. I wanted to contribute to the pool of art that had already touched mine.
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Kelly Nettleton, Casting & Auditions

Kelly Nettleton is a student at the University of Central Florida studying film. She first became interested in film in her senior year of high school when she took her first film class. She now volunteers on UCF student films and interns at FrontRunner Casting.


Patrick Walsh, Geocaching Consultant

Patrick has served as an officer of the Geocaching Club at the University of Central Florida. He is an avid geocacher with over 1,000 geocaches logged. He loves geocaching and filmmaking and says that being a geocaching consultant on a feature film is a “dream come true”!


Jason Whitaker, Preproduction Assistant

Jason is a filmmaker and writer who enjoys working in just about any capacity in the production world, including graphics and writing. He has written, directed, and edited over ten short films, many of which have won Honorable Mention awards in film festivals he holds in his own living room with his dogs as judges.

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Rebecca Sadek, Social Media

Rebecca Sadek is working towards her BA in cinema studies at the University of Central Florida. She always loved the arts, and found her love of storytelling in high school, where she was part of the school’s newspaper and television production clubs. Now she enjoys volunteering on student films and hopes to direct her own in the future.


Rob Owen, Story Consultant

Rob loves to write and produce films. He’s pictured here stabbing a teddy bear. He’s not really as sadistic as it sounds because he was just playing a character. Yeah. We’ll go with that.


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