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What geocachers are saying about Treasure:

“A QUALITY Geocaching Film” – The Geocaching Vlogger

“Enjoyed it!” -Moun10Bike

“Had fun spotting trackables during the screening!” -MissJen

“A must-see for every Geocacher” – Gary Slinkard, Geocache Talk

“Great movie!” -Memfis Mafia, Geocache Talk

“Two thumbs up!” –Dale Swinehart, Space Coast Geocaching

“Amazing!” -SoDakZak

“Awesome movie, this is what geocaching is all about!” -Dodie Chandler

“Incredible movie. It was great!” -Millasmommies12

“What a wonderful movie.” -QRPnut

“Fantastic movie! Loved it. Heartwarming!” -mrscantuland

“It was amazing!” -Scott Griffin

“A feel-good movie!” -TXCinnamonGirl

“TFTMovie!” -Thavia

“I love that there were trackables in it to discover!” -Sassy Bandit

“Enjoyed the movie!” -Sweet Tides Crew

“Awesome Awesome Job! This was Great!” -tuba_dude

“Enjoyed the movie!” -FluffyStuff74

“Enjoyed it!” -SKnight579

“Thanks for a great movie!” -coon&bud

“I really enjoyed it!” -DireWolf821

“I’m getting another thumb surgically added so I can give the movie three thumbs up.” – Electric Water Boy

“We really enjoyed it!” -mcjsz

“Very enlightening and enjoyable film. LOVE this movie!” -3 Williams Kidz

“This movie is so fun! We thoroughly enjoyed searching for the trackables. Great job!”-CailleyTrevor

“Really enjoying this movie and the treasure hunt!” -caver53

“This has been an awesome movie, thanks for making it 😉 -CatCachn

“This movie is amazing. Thanks for such an enjoyable and relatable film.” -Beth1150

“Great movie. Not cheesy. Great story line with a nice mix of geocaching.” -Kneel More

“It was the best movie I’ve seen in years. I cried and I laughed. I loved it. Thank you so much for all your hard work it’s an amazing film!!!!!-Beth

“Enjoyed the movie – thank you!” -royalsfan

“What a fun way to discover some trackables!! Thank you for sharing!! -Nicoole

“Thanks for the GREAT geocaching Movie!” -Semmels123

“Great little flick!” -MsJules

“Awesome movie, we really enjoyed it!” -Sandra Tanguay

“Watched it twice so far!” -Steve Wilcox

“GREAT MOVIE!” Greg Collinsworth

“Thanks for a great movie!” Seemyshell

“I’ve watched it three times. Definitely a good movie even if you are not a geocacher!” -Neil Moore

“Awesome movie! -santclaus

“Love it!” -chasingadventures

“Just finished watching the movie. Loved it!” -coastblue

“Thanks for a great geocaching movie!” -24hawki

“I’ve already cried and laughed alot. Love love love it!” -J_mannell

“Loved it!” -The Hancock Clan